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Sept 2010
Jim, The bags arrived at The Peck House in Empire, Co., the same afternoon that Patty and I did, and they were on the bike within minutes.  The yellow top, red bottom is great and they look wonderful on the bike.  More importantly, they met or exceeded every expectation I had and completely fulfilled the needs I had for them.  You were right, no comparison between your bags and those from Aerostich is worthwhile because your's are so vastly superior!!!  The photo was taken in front of The Peck House at the conclusion of the trip and at the end of a 4 hour ride during which we had been hammered by very high winds that seemingly threatened to blow us off of the road.  Patty said I looked like a bobble-head doll most of the time! Regardless, the bags were/are wonderful and I only wish I had known about them several years ago when we started taking these extended trips that necessitate taking far more than I really should!!! Good luck to you and your company and I'll certainly be singing the praises of your product to anyone who cares to listen !!!-Sim Savage
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